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Damira Dolotalieva: Everybody is for business, but we do not get effective help

«Everyone seems to be for business, but we don’t really get any effective help,» Damira Dolotalieva, head of the Markets Association of Kyrgyzstan, said to 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the issue of supporting small and medium-sized businesses has recently been raised. On June 5, the Parliament held public hearings on several bills at once. Deputies adopted the act «New Economic Freedom and Development.» As part of its implementation, 12 bills have been submitted.

«The Deputy Prime Minister Erkin Asrandiev, Minister of Economy Sanzhar Mukanbetov, and deputies also spoke. I was interested in the bill, according to which it is planned to support business entities during force majeure. That’s when I spoke and said that the Association would support all the bills — on check of business entities, in the field of e-commerce, tourism, investment. The laws are good, but we need effective help right now,» Damira Dolotalieva said.

Indeed, Dordoi market had been paralyzed and did not work from March 23 to May 25. Spring and summer are lost, borders with China and Kazakhstan are closed. The President speaks of supporting small and medium-sized businesses; they have developed an anti-crisis program and a post-crisis one. And entrepreneurs do not feel this concern.

«I asked to lower the customs rates in order we could bring the spring-summer goods as soon as the borders are opened. The second point is that we ask for tax holidays for three months. The border is closed, there are no buyers. We really need help in this collapse. The price issue for our clothing market is 200 million soms. Can’t the government find domestic reserves? We have been paying taxes regularly for so many years, haven’t we earned 2-3 months of tax holidays? We were not exempted from paying loans, we were only given a deferral, the same is with licenses. Where is the help of the government? Where is it at all?» Damira Dolotalieva said.