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Sadyr Japarov comments on case against owner of Karven club Genrich Balyan

At a meeting with representatives of the business community, the President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov commented on the case against the owner of Karven, Genrich Balyan.

«There are 5 percent among businessmen, who engage in fraud and do not pay taxes. Recently, human rights activist Cholpon Dzhakupova shouted that business could leave Kyrgyzstan, the law will not protect them. You know a businessman named Balyan very well. He left a negligible collateral in a state bank and took $ 2.5 million as a loan. He still hasn’t paid any interest. This means that he deceived the state by conspiring with the bank’s management. He confessed during interrogation at the State Committee for National Security,» he told.

«Keremet bank is 100 percent state-owned. The robbery of the country has been going on for thirty years. Did we have to close our eyes to this just because he is a big businessman? Or because he has a sister, a human rights defender? This is the money of the people. Therefore, we will suppress such moments henceforth,» the head of state concluded.

The owner of Karven club, businessman Genrich Balyan, was detained on June 15 within a criminal case on the fact of fraud. According to the investigation, the businessman took a loan in the amount of $ 2.3 million for a figurehead. He provided real estate as collateral, but was not going to return the money. The court placed him under house arrest on June 17.