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Energy Ministry of Kyrgyzstan tells about new electricity tariffs

The Minister of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan told how the new electricity tariffs were calculated.

Kubanychbek Turdubaev reminded that it was proposed to establish a rate of 74.2 tyiyns for low-income citizens, 1.4 soms — for residents of remote and mountainous regions, and 1.48 soms — for non-needy citizens. In addition, in winter, when electricity consumption exceeds 1,000 kilowatt-hours, a rate of 2.29 soms will be applied.

The new tariff for industrial enterprises will be 2.38 soms, for gold mining companies and cryptocurrency mining — 4.76 soms. Tariff for public transport, which runs on electricity, will be 1.68 soms, pumping stations — 1.48 soms.

«The tariff of 1.48 soms does not take into account purchase of electricity, additional costs for purchase of fuel to increase generation at the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant. It does not take into account the main payments on external loans and borrowings. But the tariff of 2.29 soms is a forecast figure. It was calculated based on the costs of energy companies for 2022. It includes spending on electricity imports, additional costs associated with generation, and the average value, taking into account the main payments on the external debt,» Kubanychbek Turdubaev told.

Tariff of 74 tyiyns is exactly half of the payment for non-needy citizens. Such mechanisms were previously used to provide discounts to certain categories of citizens, which it was decided to keep.

The tariff will increase quite a bit for industry — from 2.24 soms to 2.38 soms. This is an inflation rate adjustment.

«Moderate growth for industry is due to the fact that we are interested in industrial growth. We want to create the most comfortable conditions for this sector in order to develop it. The tariff of 1.4 soms also appeared for a reason. Previously, we had separate tariffs for citizens from mountainous and hard-to-reach regions. They were set at the level of production costs at Toktogul HPP cascade. The tariff of 1.4 soms is the cost of production at power plants without taking into account the costs of HPPs in Bishkek and Osh,» the minister told.