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Kyrgyzstan introduces visa-free regime for citizens of nine more states

Kyrgyzstan introduces a visa-free regime for citizens of nine more countries. The corresponding bill is considered at the meeting of the Parliament in the first reading.

According to the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Aziz Madmarov, citizens of Albania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Israel, Macedonia, Cyprus, Mexico, Romania and Thailand will be able to stay in Kyrgyzstan without a visa for up to 60 days.

«The purpose of introduction of the visa-free regime for citizens of these states is to develop tourism, attract investments, since Kyrgyzstan is on the list of countries in need of them,» he said.

Earlier, Kyrgyzstan introduced a visa-free regime with 52 countries until 2025.

The bill also proposes to introduce a visa-free regime for foreign citizens who have a red UN passport.

«We also propose to introduce a provision on partial and complete suspension of the visa-free regime in some cases. A similar need arose in connection with the pandemic,» Aziz Madmarov said.