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Kyrgyzstan ranked 77th in Henley & Partners Passport Index

Henley & Partners published the results of the Passport Index for the first quarter of 2024, which are based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

For the first time in 19 years, six countries took the first place with a record number of visa-free travel opportunities: four of them are European Union countries — France, Germany, Italy and Spain — and two Asian countries — Singapore and Japan. Holders of passports of these countries can travel visa-free to 194 destinations in the world out of 227.

South Korea, Finland and Sweden took the second place (193 visa-free destinations), Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands shared the third place (192).

Kyrgyzstan was ranked 77th in the index. Holders of Kyrgyz passport can visit 65 countries without a visa.

Russia was ranked 51st, Kazakhstan — 66th and Armenia — 74th. As for the nearest neighbors, Uzbekistan is in 80th place, Tajikistan — 81st, Turkmenistan — 89th.

The passport of Afghanistan showed the worst result (104th place), the holders of which can travel to 28 countries without a visa.

Henley & Partners Passport Index is an international ranking of states by the level of freedom of movement they provide to their citizens. The index analyzes the visa regulations of more than 200 countries and territories and ranks them by the number of visa-free states.

A country’s position in the ranking is determined by the number of states in the world which its citizens can enter without obtaining a visa (or with a visa upon arrival).