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Referendum: Cabinet to resign, elections to be held under new Constitution

The Government of Kyrgyzstan will resign in a few days after summing up the results of referendum. A deputy of the Parliament Dastan Bekeshev announced.

According to him, many ministers will be in the status of acting ministers until October 2021, until the new Parliament comes and gives consent to the new composition of the Cabinet. He reminded that the next convocation of the Parliament will consist of 90 deputies.

«The elections are likely to be mixed — on party lists and single-mandate constituencies. This was the wish of Sadyr Japarov himself. I think this will be done,» Dastan Bekeshev told 24.kg news agency.

In addition, changes are expected in the procedure for electing judges and mayors of cities. The powers of the Central Election Commission and the Accounts Chamber are to be prescribed in the Constitutional Law. A separate law is also needed for the prosecution agencies.

«In general, a large number of laws have to be changed, because many changes have been made to the Constitution,» the deputy concluded.

Referendum on adoption of a new version of the Constitution was held the day before in Kyrgyzstan. According to preliminary data, 79.24 percent of those who came to the polling stations voted for it, 13.66 percent — against. The turnout reached 37.07 percent.