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Local elections: 80 percent of citizens intend to vote

Experts from Common Cause Public Foundation conducted a survey among citizens to find out what they know about the local elections and whether they plan to vote.

As a result, it turned out that 73 percent of the population are well aware of the elections to local councils. At least 80 percent of them plan to take part in them.

About 22 percent of respondents note a high probability of abuse of administrative resources in elections to local councils. At the same time, 61 percent called it a common practice in holding elections.

At least 20 percent of respondents note that there is a high probability of bribery of voters in the elections.

Some 40 percent of those surveyed said that their choice would be determined by the party’s program, 13 percent pay attention to the party list, 21 percent do not know why they vote for this or that party.

Local elections will be held on April 11 in 28 cities and 420 rural councils in Kyrgyzstan.