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Representatives of another state commission to visit Kumtor mine

Members of the state commission for checking the work of Kumtor, consisting of deputies of Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, representatives of state bodies and independent experts, will visit the high-altitude gold mine today. Press relations service of the company confirmed the information.

Representatives of Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) noted that over the past nine years, Kumtor Gold Company CJSC has been subject to inspection by four commissions of various levels, not counting all kinds of audits and annual mandatory departmental inspections.

Kumtor has always contributed in every way to the work of all commissions, cooperated with working groups, various experts, Kyrgyz and foreign scientists, the company noted.

«During this time, Kumtor specialists have prepared more than 120 detailed responses with all the requested documents attached to the inquiries of the last state commission alone, which worked in 2012 and included deputies of the current state commission,» KGC reports.

The company stressed that Kumtor has always worked and will continue working transparently and in accordance with the laws of Kyrgyzstan." «KGC always applies to government agencies for all the necessary permits that are required for its operational activities,» the company said.

Kumtor adheres to the best practices of mining companies, applies advanced methods of work, including environmental protection, and complies with the strictest industrial safety regulations.

Kumtor Gold Company

The KGC reminded that due to the epidemiological situation in Kyrgyzstan, in order to avoid the risk of infection of workers with coronavirus and suspension of work, access to the facilities of the enterprise is strictly limited.

In addition, the company does not have free premises and avoids placing a large number of people in one office. In this regard, the requirements of the state commission on allocation of offices and office equipment for its members, voiced earlier in a letter to the company’s management, cannot be fulfilled.

Kumtor understands the importance of continuous operation of the enterprise for the economic stability and development of Kyrgyzstan, therefore, it will continue to work and conduct a constructive dialogue with the authorities of Kyrgyzstan in order to find mutually acceptable solutions to all issues based on the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and taking into account the interests of all parties," press relations service of the company said.