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Kyrgyzstan produces 15 percent of vegetable oil

Enterprises producing vegetable oil in Kyrgyzstan meet only 15 percent of the demand of the republic, the rest is imported. Director of the State Agency for Antimonopoly Regulation Shukhrat Sabirov announced today at a press conference.

According to him, the republic has to import half of the need for sugar and eggs, as well as a significant part of wheat and flour. Therefore, Kyrgyzstan depends on the prices of goods in neighboring countries, on world markets and on the exchange rate.

«The main reason for the rise in prices is the devaluation of the national currency. Over the year, the exchange rate of Kyrgyz som to U.S. dollar fell by 21 percent. Importers enter into agreements and contracts in dollars. The goods are paid in the same currency. The exchange rate directly influenced the prices,» Shukhrat Sabirov said.