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Residents of Leninsky rural area protest against squatters of arable land

Residents of Leninsky rural area held a rally in front of the Government House in Bishkek. About 15 people appeal to the President Sadyr Japarov and ask him to pay attention to the squatters of arable land in their area.

According to them, the local authorities have not paid attention to the problem for several years.  

"We have been defending our pasture and croplands for many years. Every spring marauders come to us, they want to illegally build up arable land. All this happens at the instigation of the head of our village administration. It enables swindlers to use illegal methods to build up pastures. This is an illegal business that is flourishing in our country. The squatters came again on March 1, but we fought back. Why did they come to our area? Why don't they go, for example, to Arashan? Because the head of the rural administration and the people are united there, our head is the foe of the people,” one of the protesters told.