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Kyrgyzstanis trust voting results, but not candidates' expenses

Kyrgyzstanis trust the electoral processes in the republic, but support greater transparency of candidates’ expenditures. Results of the first study Index of Confidence in Electoral System say.

At least 18 criteria were developed to measure the index of public confidence in the electoral system during the early presidential elections. Each of them was assigned individual score, according to which the index was calculated.

According to the obtained data, in general, the respondents surveyed rather trust the processes of the electoral system. At the same time, none of the criteria could achieve the highest confidence index.

The voting results criterion has the highest index amounting to 0.7. The income and expenses of the electoral funds of the candidates cause the greatest distrust on the part of the surveyed population. The index here is 0.02.

The Index of Confidence in Electoral System was developed by the Common Cause Public Foundation and was used in the Kyrgyz Republic for the first time in order to find out the attitude of citizens towards the past early presidential elections in the Kyrgyz Republic. The study was conducted among 1,200 voters aged 18 and over, living in urban and rural areas.