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Kazakhstan plans to provide military-technical assistance to Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan plans to provide military and technical assistance to Kyrgyzstan free of charge. Website of the Government of the neighboring country says.

Defense department has prepared a draft resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on signing an agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan on the provision of gratuitous military-technical assistance.

The goal of the project is to create a legal basis for one-time handing over of military property of the neighboring state to Kyrgyzstan.

According to the document, Kyrgyzstan will receive 6,480,000 submachine gun cartridges (5.45 millimeters), 1,000 rockets with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead (122 millimeters), 2,000 ground orange smoke signal cartridges, 1,000 yellow fire signal cartridges (26 mm), 4 posts of auditory control Vostok-SP, 6 RPU Galaktika, one antenna switch Kalina 12 × 80.