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Cancer patients found “I Believe in Miracle” movement in Kyrgyzstan

Cancer patients founded «I Believe in Miracle» movement in Kyrgyzstan. One of the members of the movement, Asel Bogachieva, announced at the forum of cancer patients.

According to her, one should always believe in miracle and fight. «Cancer is not a death sentence; it is treated. Cancer mortality is still at a high level in Kyrgyzstan, but the idea should be instilled in our patients that they should not give up and have to defend their rights. At the same time, they should know their responsibilities. Problems in oncology are of systemic nature, and a strong patient community is needed to change something,» Asel Bogachieva added.

She noted that the National Oncology Center does not have modern equipment that would allow for effective treatment, so some of the patients are forced to travel abroad. «Insufficient funding, poor equipping are the fault of the government, which does not properly pay attention to this area,» Asel Bogachieva said.

World Cancer Day is marked annually on February 4.