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WHO: Second year of the pandemic could be more difficult

The second year of the coronavirus pandemic could be more difficult than the first one, said Michael Ryan, Director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Emergency Program. RBC reports.

«We are going into the second year, this could be tougher given the transmission dynamics and some issues we see,» Ryan said.

Michael Ryan noted that specialists observed «the ideal seasonal storm — cold, people indoors, increased social mixing» in Europe and North America with the beginning of winter. All of these and other factors have accelerated the spread of the coronavirus and its transmission from person to person, WHO Program Director believes.

Earlier, the WHO reported that the weekly incidence of COVID-19 showed a record increase since the beginning of the pandemic — 5 million. The incidence grew primarily in the North and South America, the organization said. The cases of the infection registered there account for 51 percent of all new diseases and 45 percent of the total deaths for the week.