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Travel without COVID-19 app could be launched in EAEU in 2021

Application of the Digital Initiative Fund of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) Travel without COVID-19 can become available for the EAEU countries in early 2021. EDB Deputy Chairman Tigran Sargsyan told RIA Novosti.

According to him, this will become possible after adoption of the relevant regulations.

Travel without COVID-19 is the first project of the EDB Digital Initiative Fund. The task of the application is to ensure free and safe movement of citizens of the EAEU states within the Union in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, and in the future, of third countries that have joined the project. The digital solution reduces the risk of spreading the disease and provides a reliable control system at the international level.

«In order the application to come out of the pilot mode, it is necessary to adopt the appropriate regulations, which will allow a large-scale launch of the product so that all citizens can use it. I think that at the beginning of next year, appropriate regulatory decisions, legal foundations should be adopted, in order citizens of the EAEU states can use this application,» Tigran Sargsyan stressed.

At the same time, he reminded that Russia, Armenia and Belarus are working with the application. Active work is underway with Kyrgyzstan to participate in the project, and after the legislative framework is created, the application will be able to work throughout the EAEU.

«Our European colleagues plan to launch a similar product. We provide for the possibility of ensuring the interoperability of our application with similar ones, including with the application of the European Union. Our system provides for this possibility. We can read QR codes generated by other applications, thus we have created such a project architecture that ensures such interoperability,» Tigran Sargsyan said.