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Situation center opened at Customs in Kyrgyzstan to track movement of goods

«Launch of the situation center is another step towards transparency of customs administration and elimination of corruption schemes at the Customs,» the acting Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Artem Novikov, said at the opening ceremony of the facility.

The situation center is equipped with the necessary equipment and software, which will allow online tracking of the movement of goods and cargo through customs control points. It also has a call center for consultation of citizens.

The acting Prime Minister instructed within two months to finalize the software of the situation center in terms of recording vehicle numbers online, data on accompanying documents, weight control. In addition, he instructed to determine a clear algorithm and procedure for entering information into the information system.

«Issues of digitalization of the customs and tax services have been brought to the forefront since the government’s approval in October 2020. They are often raised in our society. Citizens are serious about issues of justice, creation of a level playing field for entrepreneurs, and ensuring budget revenues. Tax and customs revenues are key sources that ensure fulfillment of all social obligations of the Cabinet,» Artem Novikov noted.

«To date, a lot has been done in terms of preparing for implementation of Consolidated Post system on the borders of Kyrgyzstan with the EAEU member states. Following the visit to checkpoints, important issues were identified that require revision in terms of moving goods, interacting with entrepreneurs, and identifying risks in customs declaration and cargo escorting. Opening of the situation center is another step forward in order to ensure a uniform level playing field for participants of the foreign economic activity. This center is one of the basic components in implementation of the system for the automated accounting of all goods transported across the border,» he concluded.