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Constitutional convention proposes to make pre-school education free

Members of the constitutional convention proposed to stipulate in the Basic Law that pre-school education should be free in Kyrgyzstan. Member of the constitutional convention Nurlan Sheripov announced at a briefing.

According to him, the current Constitution does not take into account the rights of preschool children.

«As you know, there are not enough kindergartens in the country. Those who have money send their children to private institutions, and if there is no opportunity, they are forced to stay at home. If this draft of the Basic Law is adopted, then the government should build and open pre-school institutions,» Nurlan Sheripov explained.

He noted that another significant change has been made to the chapter of the draft Constitution on human rights and freedom.

«We have made the size of pension and social benefits not lower than the subsistence level. They may say that there is no money now because of the crisis. But this is a good norm for protecting the social rights of citizens,» Nurlan Sheripov said.