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Number of domestic violence cases grows by 62 percent in Kyrgyzstan

Number of domestic violence cases increased by 62 percent in 2020. Vice Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, Aida Kasymalieva, announced.

According to her, the reason for the increase in such cases was the coronavirus pandemic.

«Due to the coronavirus pandemic, number of domestic violence cases has increased significantly. Everyone was at home. The economic crisis also had its effect, many people lost their jobs. We created a Gender Council in the Parliament on June 26 that protects women’s rights,» said Aida Kasymalieva.

She added that Parliament played a significant role in the fight against domestic violence. A number of relevant bills have been adopted, but they do not work. The reason was the wrong perception by society and lack of control.

«Parliament has a platform for the protection of the rights of women and children. At the same time, a number of bills were adopted: if earlier only the victim could write a statement, now any person who witnessed the incident can do it. However, the laws do not fully work due to the misperception by people. To this day, people think that this problem is only a problem of women. But this is not so. One of the reasons is lack of control. Crisis centers are trying to work, but they still fail, since everything depends on the budget. Either there are no psychologists, or there is no money for any events,» Aida Kasymalieva told.