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Experts identify top 5 problems that concern Kyrgyzstanis

The Public Foundation for International Tolerance conducted an express survey to identify issues of concern to the population and opinions of residents Kyrgyzstan on the ongoing socio-political processes in the country.

The survey was conducted online before November 10, 2020 with the participation of about 400 residents from all seven regions, Bishkek and Osh cities.

The organization notes that one of the objectives of the survey was to identify the most pressing and key problems of concern to the population. The respondents could make multiple choice of answers. Based on the results, top 5 priority problems were identified.

The results show that the spread of coronavirus was ranked first by 273 respondents. The problem of well-being of people takes the second place with 186 votes. The third is the issue of external debt to China, 141 people voted for it. The fourth place with 140 votes is taken by the problem of the legitimacy of the activities of the Parliament and acting President of Kyrgyzstan. Corruption takes the 5th place with 116 respondents.

Young people aged 19-35 took part in the survey, accounting for more than 44 percent of the respondents, and almost 25 percent — the younger generation aged 15-18. Slightly less than 27 percent are citizens at the age of 36-60. At least 66 percent of the respondents are women and 34 percent are men.