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Kyrgyzstan introduces ban on export of livestock, agricultural products

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan introduced a temporary ban on the export of livestock and other agricultural products. The minister Tilek Toktogaziev stated live on his Facebook page.

«The ban was introduced due to the increase in prices for them. It will be in force until stabilization and normalization of the economic situation in the country,» he said.

The list of certain types of agricultural products, which are subject to the temporary export ban:

  1. Horse.
  2. Cattle.
  3. Sheep and goats.
  4. Poultry: chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and others.
  5. Barley.
  6. Corn.
  7. Rice.
  8. Wheat flour.
  9. Vegetable oil.
  10. Sugar.
  11. Chicken eggs.
  12. Iodized salt.
  13. Forage (hay, straw, forage, cereals).

At the same time, the minister Tilek Toktogaziev noted that the ban does not extend to the export of meat.