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Kyrgyzstan to ban advertising of fortune tellers and psychics

The Committee on Social Policy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan on Monday reviewed and approved the bill «On Amendments to the Law «On Advertising» in the first reading.

25 members of parliament initiated the document.

One of the initiators, deputy Marlen Mamataliev, noted that the bill was designed to stop manipulation of the consciousness of citizens by those who provide services in the field of occult magic and offer to solve people’s problems in order to make a profit.

According to him, citizens who are in a difficult life situation often turn to so-called psychics and sorcerers, who, using their supernatural abilities, guarantee them complete relief from problems. Citizens who turn to such scammers suffer.

«A person in despair is ready to believe anyone who promises to eliminate all problems. So-called magicians and psychics play on these feelings. They have great experience in manipulating people’s consciousness. It is sad to see that in our age of high technology and scientific progress, many citizens fall for the tricks of so-called psychics and magicians,» the background statement to the bill reads.

According to Article 16 of the Law «On Advertising», there are certain types of goods, the advertising of which entails liability under the Code of Offenses. However, there is no part about occult and magical services in these laws.

«The introduced additions will make it possible to prohibit advertising of fraudulent services in the information space,» Marlen Mamataliev added.