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New draft Constitution causes concern of Kyrgyzstan's clergy

The new draft Constitution does not reflect the role and place of the spiritual values ​​of the people. The Deputy Head of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan (SDMK) Kadyr Malikov told.

However, he notes that he expresses his personal opinion as a scientist and Ph.D. of the University of Madrid.

«The draft amendments to the Constitution, which were developed within the walls of the Parliament and submitted for public discussion, already cause my personal concern as a believer,» he said.

In his opinion, the draft Basic Law of the country does not take into account and does not sufficiently reflect the role and place of the religious values ​​of the people.

«Unfortunately, in the Constitution, even in its preamble, there was no place to mention the All-father, spiritual values, the faith of our ancestors, protection of spiritual and moral principles. But this is very important, because the main problem is not in the model of state structure — the problem is in the person, society, in such concepts as justice, honesty, equality of citizens’ rights,» Kadyr Malikov said.

The deputy head of SDMK proposes to convey the model of secularism in the Constitution, to consolidate guarantees of the rights and role of religion in the state and society, to protect religious and national values.

«A person who is respectful of religious symbols of faith can be elected the president. When taking office, the head of state must take an oath to the people of Kyrgyzstan on the Koran and the Constitution,» Kadyr Malikov suggests.

According to the current Constitution of Kyrgyzstan, religion is separated from the state.