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Foreign Ministry to hold talks with China over barriers in cargo transportation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan will hold negotiations with the Chinese side in order to remove barriers in the transportation of goods from the PRC through Torugart and Irkeshtam checkpoints. Press service of the State Customs Service reported.

A meeting with the business community was held at the Central Office of the State Customs Service. During the meeting, participants of foreign economic activity raised pressing problems.

Damira Dolotalieva, Chairwoman of the United Trade Union of Dordoi TRC, voiced complaints of the business community about delays in delivery of cargo from China and proposed to form a working commission to resolve the issue on the spot, which will include both foreign economic activity participants and relevant state bodies.

The Chairman of the State Customs Service, Kadyrzhan Semeteev, instructed the heads of the customs bodies to solve the problems as soon as possible. «Following the meeting, it was also decided to hold negotiations with the Chinese side at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and remove barriers in the transportation of goods from China through Torugart and Irkeshtam checkpoints,» the state service reported.

Earlier, the President of the Association of Markets, Damira Dolotalieva, reported that entrepreneurs were ready to hold an indefinite protest and stop paying taxes and contributions to the Social Fund from November 1, 2020, if the authorities do not solve the border problem.