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Sadyr Japarov's statements - legal anarchy

Political scientist Sheradil Baktygul believes that Sadyr Japarov, who has been approved by some of the deputies for the post of Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, is pushing the country into a political stupor by his statements. He stated it to 24.kg news agency.

According to him, Sadyr Japarov was chosen by the Parliament with non-observance of the rules of procedure — there was no quorum, no counting commission was created, no alternative candidate was presented.

Sheradil Baktygul is even more alarmed by Sadyr Japarov’s statements that may lead to legal anarchy.

«He announced a constitutional reform. A new reform can only be initiated by the newly elected seventh convocation of the Parliament. However, everyone remained silent, and no one paid attention to this message. Such statements are in direct conflict with the current Constitution, laws and push Kyrgyzstan into the abyss,» he said.

They are going to present us with a new Constitution approving a majoritarian electoral system and a presidential republic. But this is not the task that the technical prime minister should have set.

Sheradil Baktygul

He explained that the mission of the technical government is to hold elections, not constitutional reform.

«Another problem area is the statement of Sadyr Japarov that the president, after his appointment as Prime Minister, promised to resign. On what basis does he claim this? Sooronbai Jeenbekov announced that he would step down after the country enters the legal framework. This means that parliamentary elections must be held and a new convocation must elect a Speaker, a Prime Minister and form the Government. Only after that, the head of state, if he wants, can leave the post, and the new convocation schedules presidential elections within the timeframes specified in the constitutional law. What Sadyr Japarov says is legal anarchy,» the political scientist believes.

Sadyr Japarov has already exceeded his powers. He has no right to postpone elections to the Parliament, pressure the president to resign, and even more so to carry out constitutional reform.

Sheradil Baktygul

On October 10, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan approved Sadyr Japarov’s candidacy for the post of head of the Cabinet at an extraordinary meeting. Lawyers questioned the legality of the decision of a part of the deputies — a number of parliamentary procedures were violated.