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Unknown persons start seizing fields in Issyk-Ata district

About fifty residents of Sary-Dzhon village of Novopokrovsky rural administration in Issyk-Ata district of Kyrgyzstan gathered on a sugar beet field yesterday afternoon. Readers told 24.kg news agency.

«The rural community, agitated by the unrest in the country, apparently also decided to take fate into their own hands and build houses for themselves on the field. The villagers gathered farmers who grow beets, and set a condition to clear the field,» they said.

The negotiations lasted almost two hours. As a result, the inhabitants of Sary-Dzhon village did not allow to reap the harvest, saying that they were ready to start construction today, to bring stones, sand and other building materials. The total area of ​​the beet field is 42 hectares.

«The land is a share of the State Agricultural Land Fund and belongs to the state. But they will build houses there. Of course, it is important to have a roof over head, but it is not clear on what land we will grow our crops tomorrow,» local residents told.