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Coordination Council headed by Adakhan Madumarov formed in Kyrgyzstan

Thirteen political parties have united and formed the Coordination Council, which calls for creation of a government of people’s trust. The leader of Butun Kyrgyzstan, Adakhan Madumarov, stated today.

According to him, the parties have prepared a general statement. It notes that the people of Kyrgyzstan witnessed the dirtiest elections of deputies of the Parliament in the entire history of independence, which took place on October 4, 2020.

President Sooronbai Jeenbekov has broken his public promises to create a level playing field for all political parties.

«The widespread use of administrative resources, mass bribery of voters, physical attacks on party representatives and, in particular, dishonest counting of results naturally led to peaceful protests. For a whole day, the Central Election Commission played cynically with the future of Kyrgyzstan, when the intermediate results of manual counting of votes first brought individual parties forward, but then the picture changed dramatically,» the statement says.

The parties are confident that the CEC fully followed the instructions of the presidential administration. Thus, the authorities tried to get more than 90 seats of parliamentary deputies, which constitutes an absolute majority. The history of Kyrgyzstan remembers that this has always led to an increase in the president’s sole power.

«Such a vile and disregarding attitude of the authorities to the expression of the will of citizens led to the fact that yesterday thousands of concerned citizens, as well as supporters of various political parties, came to Ala-Too square to express their categorical disagreement with the unfair election results. In addition, the openly criminal inaction of the authorities during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, which led to thousands of deaths of our compatriots, was also the reason for such a decisive position of our citizens. People remember how law enforcement agencies persecuted doctors, journalists, political opponents, and businessmen. All these unjust, illegal and cruel actions of the authorities towards their own people could not but lead to protest actions,» the appeal says.

At the same time, the parties continue to claim that due to provocations by unknown persons, the protesters clashed with law enforcement agencies yesterday. These clashes led to the fact that high-ranking officials effectively lost their power. As a result, there is a political vacuum now.

All responsibility for these events lies with the president and the government.

«Despite the current crisis, it is necessary to restore social and political stability in the country as soon as possible and return to the legal field. For these purposes, representatives of the political parties participating in the elections assumed full responsibility for restoring public order. For the centralized management of these processes, it was decided to form the Coordination Council of the leaders of these parties. At the same time, the Coordination Council is open for other parties and political movements,» the political organizations report.

They asked all political forces, civil society, local governments and all citizens to support their efforts in order to prevent further escalation of the situation and to ensure continuous operation of the authorities.