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Kazakhstan not to increase number of flights to Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan has suspended resumption of flights with other countries, including Kyrgyzstan. Tengrinews agency reports.

As the media outlet reports, new restrictions will be introduced from October 5 in the neighboring country in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Resumption of air traffic with other states is suspended, the number of flights with the countries, with which air traffic has been restored, including the Kyrgyz Republic, will not increase, and the number of flights to Turkey will be reduced.

In addition, the rules for persons arriving from other states have been tightened. As for Kyrgyzstan and other EAEU states that were included in the second list, this is a mandatory temperature measurement, filling up a questionnaire, as well as presence of a coronavirus test certificate, from the date of receipt of which not more than three days have passed. In the absence of certificates, the arrivals are isolated in a hospital for up to two days for laboratory tests for COVID-19.

A similar algorithm for crossing the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border was in effect for the citizens of Kyrgyzstan before.