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983 more places for COVID-19, pneumonia patients deployed in Bishkek

Additional beds have been deployed in the capital of Kyrgyzstan for patients with coronavirus infection and pneumonia following the instructions of the Government due to a surge in virus incidence. The Mayor of Bishkek, Aziz Surakmatov, told today at a briefing.

According to him, 225 beds were prepared at Continental hotel, located on 1, Intergelpo Street; 120 beds — at the boarding school No. 1 named after Kanimetov on 625, Zhibek Zholu Avenue; 80 beds — at a special general boarding school for blind and visually impaired children on 37, Kulatov Street.

In addition, 48 beds were deployed at Discovery hotel on 31, Orenburg Lane; 60 beds — at the medical center of Dr. Nazaraliev; 300 — at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named after Isa Akhunbaev. The madrasah built by the Dordoi Association has 150 places for observation or a hospital in Yntymak housing estate.