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Shopping centers in Bishkek voluntarily close

Some shopping centers in Bishkek voluntarily close today due to the complicated situation with outbreak of coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia. Only supermarkets, bank branches and pharmacies located on the territory of these centers will continue working.

Dordoi Plaza 2 shopping and entertainment center voluntarily closes; Dordoi Plaza 1 was closed on July 4. A Marketing Specialist Batma Kazakbaeva told 24.kg news agency. According to her, management of the shopping centers has made this decision for prevention. According to preliminary data, boutiques will not work until July 19.

Shareholders of Asia Mall, Technopark and the RIOM auto market also made a voluntary decision to close the facilities until the epidemiological situation due to the outbreak of COVID-19 improves.

Meanwhile, Bishkek Park shopping center, Aichurek Central Department Store and Red Center will continue working as usual.

The Ministry of Health convincingly asks Kyrgyzstanis to stay home and isolate themselves.