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Kazakhstan changes procedure for border crossing during quarantine period

Kazakhstan changed the procedure for crossing the state border during the quarantine period. KazTAG reports.

Crossing of the state border of Kazakhstan by foreigners and stateless persons is temporarily restricted until the sanitary and epidemiological situation improves.

It is noted that the innovation does not apply to the personnel of the diplomatic service of foreign states and members of their families, members of official delegations of foreign states and international organizations traveling to Kazakhstan at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, employees of international organizations accredited in Kazakhstan, and members of their families, ethnic Kazakhs having valid visa of category C10, B8 or identity documents with a mark of belonging to Kazakh nationality (passport, identity card, birth certificate with a notarized translation) and their family members (spouses, parents and children) and others.

Foreigners with a residence permit in Kazakhstan and their family members are allowed to cross the state border once every 30 days. Family members of citizens of Kazakhstan, subject to confirmation of the fact of family ties and their minor children, can also cross the state border once every 30 days.

Citizens of Kazakhstan are allowed to cross the state border not more than once every 30 days. There are exceptions here, too.

Restrictions are lifted for students of foreign universities, diplomats, members of official delegations and their families, certain categories of employees of transport companies, service personnel of foreign cross-border facilities in the country, traveling abroad for treatment upon presentation of supporting documents. Restrictions can be lifted for citizens who need to travel to another country for the funeral of family members and close relatives, to care for seriously ill family members and close relatives.

Citizens of Kazakhstan are allowed to leave for foreign countries, with which direct (regular, irregular charter flights) air communication has been resumed by the decision of the government, and citizens of these states — entry / transit passage to / through the territory of Kazakhstan — subject to visa requirements, unless otherwise provided by international agreements.