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1,500 Kyrgyzstanis leave Russia for homeland by buses

Departure of 1,496 citizens of Kyrgyzstan by 31 buses was organized from Orenburg and Samara Oblasts of the Russian Federation. The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia reported.

According to it, including 21 women with small children and 27 elderly people left Russia. The list included Kyrgyzstanis who stayed in a tent camp in Sol-Iletsk district, as well as those who had accumulated near Mashtakovo checkpoint in Samara Oblast.

«The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan, together with the Russian side, resolved the issue of free PCR testing of all citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who were sent home. Bus rental for the compatriots was funded by the Republican Emergency Response Center for combating COVID-19,» the statement says.

Four low loaders were used to transport motor vehicles of the drivers, who left for Kyrgyzstan by buses.

«All citizens of Kyrgyzstan from tent camps left the Orenburg Oblast, including Sol-Iletsk,» the Embassy reported.