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Three residents of Dzhany-Dzher village test positive for COVID-19

Coronavirus was confirmed in three residents of Dzhany-Dzher village, Sokuluk district of Kyrgyzstan. Rural administration reported.

The Outpatient Department of the Center for General Medical Practice and a bazaar were closed for disinfection for three days. The work of trade outlets and shops was limited in time.

«Because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus, we kindly ask you not to leave your home without special need, not to visit public places, not to hold family events and use personal protective equipment,» the rural administration noted. However, not all residents reacted to the request responsibly.

At least 3,356 cases of coronavirus infection were officially registered in Kyrgyzstan as of June 22; 2,021 of them have recovered and 40 people have died.