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Beeline employees diagnosed with coronavirus

Several Sky Mobile employees (Beeline brand) were diagnosed with COVID-19 in Bishkek. PR service of the company reported.

CEO of the company, Evgeny Krazhan, is among the infected. All the employees are currently isolated and undergoing treatment. According to doctors, they feel good, they have mild form of the disease.

«The company’s management was ready for such a situation, because, unfortunately, despite the measures taken, it is impossible to insure against the virus. Since March 2020, we have been operating according to a special regime in order to minimize the risk of spread of the infection. We have a developed plan for such situations, according to which a number of additional preventive measures were urgently taken at the company’s offices. At the first suspicions of the virus, Evgeny and the rest of the employees were isolated and the company has tested the people who were in contact with them,» the PR Director of Sky Mobile company, Marina Kim, told.

Recall, 2,372 cases of coronavirus have been detected as of today in the republic. At least 1,791 people have recovered and 27 have died.

She also stressed that this will not affect the work of the company, since everyone works remotely.

In order to exclude the possibility of the infection, the company will completely work remotely until September. Hygiene measures have been stepped up in the offices (mandatory mask requirement, use of disinfectants, minimization of personal interaction, etc.), and the premises will be regularly disinfected.

Sky Mobile asks citizens to remember that, despite some concessions in the emergency situation regime in the country, the epidemiological situation remains very difficult. The company strongly recommends to follow all the instructions of the Ministry of Health and comply with all measures to protect against the infection. The main ones are to minimize social contacts, comply with hand hygiene and wear protective masks," Beeline company said.