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Experimental burning of new coal grades takes place at Bishkek HPP

To improve the quality of the supplied fuel, experimental-industrial burning of previously unused coal grades takes place at Bishkek Heating and Power Plant. Electric Stations OJSC informed 24.kg news agency.

As a result of a tender, the company entered into an agreement with COMCO Marketing KZ LLP (Kazakhstan) dated May 22, 2020 for the supply of coal for experimental-industrial burning at Bishkek HPP in the amount of 7,000 tons. Up to date, 2,732 tons have been already delivered.

«The coal acceptance commission is currently working. Delivery of the remaining volume is expected in the near future. This measure was used to expand the number of possible participants and create competitive conditions between suppliers in the process of purchasing high-calorie coal for Bishkek HPP. To determine the possibility of further use of coal on our equipment, the Research Institute of Energy and Economics was involved. It will issue a conclusion on the results of the burning,» the company said.

According to its results, feasibility of using coal from Zhalyn deposit of Karaganda region of Kazakhstan at the Bishkek HPP will be determined. Electric Stations OJSC notes that due to the created competition, the quality of the supplied fuel will improve and the price will decrease.