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Internal Affairs Ministry to deal with expulsion of foreigners from Kyrgyzstan

During consideration of a bill, a deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Dastan Bekeshev was indignant at some amendments to the law on External Migration proposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is planned to include a clause into the law that will allow the Ministry of Internal Affairs to make a decision on the expulsion of foreign citizens and stateless persons. The amendments say that the internal affairs body or the authorized body in the field of national security draws up materials for deportation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs claims in the background statement that changes are needed to counteract illegal migration in order to prevent worsening of the migration situation in the country, since there is no mechanism to hold foreign citizens accountable for violation of the rules of stay.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposes a norm according to which law enforcement agencies can expel a foreigner from the country without an order. The ministry should not take over the work of the court and independently make such decisions.

Dastan Bekeshev

The deputy believes that the employees of the 10th Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs could extort money from foreigners themselves, and the latter would not be able turn to the police with a statement because of fear.