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Kyrgyzstan suspends issue of visas without invitation to ethnic Kyrgyz

Kyrgyzstan has suspended issue of visas without an invitation to ethnic Kyrgyz. Deputy Adyl Zhunus uulu announced at a meeting of Respublika — Ata Zhurt parliamentary faction.

According to him, the ethnic Kyrgyz from all over the world, who would like to come to Kyrgyzstan, have not been able to obtain a visa in a facilitated form for a year.

«In 2017, a resolution was adopted according to which the ethnic Kyrgyz could obtain visas for arrival in Kyrgyzstan without an invitation and free of charge. But a year later the issuance of such visas was suspended. The Foreign Ministry did not really explain the reason to me. The ethnic Kyrgyz people dream of visiting their historic homeland, like Mecca,» the deputy said.

Recall, a new version of the instruction on the procedure for issuing visas came into force in 2020, according to which the ethnic Kyrgyz could obtain a visa for free under Meken Visa program.