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New rules for vacationers on Issyk-Kul voiced in Kyrgyzstan

The Republican Emergency Response Center of Kyrgyzstan approved measures applied to vacationers having rest in resorts on Issyk-Kul lake. The list also contains requirements for owners of resorts and guest houses.

Temperature of vacationers has to be checked with a non-contact thermometer daily. When checking in, owners have to exclude crowding at the reception and in common areas.

Accommodate one person in a room, if it is family — then provide a room with six square meters per person.

If someone with symptoms of coronavirus is detected among vacationers, he or she must be isolated and immediately reported to the territorial body of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Department, as well as the territorial emergency response center for the fight against new coronavirus infection and a mobile team for further anti-epidemiological measures.

There are separate requirements for relaxing on the beach, as well as for the maintenance of beach equipment. The beach equipment (deckchairs, locker rooms, foot washers) must be installed in compliance with the social distancing principle, if possible, apply signal markings. It is necessary to calculate the capacity of the beach to comply with distancing principle.

Trips and excursions on water transport should be organized only in strict compliance with distancing requirement.

Cruises on boats have to be organized with observance of distancing and face mask requirement. Children’s playgrounds, benches, gazebos, umbrellas, amusement rides, litter bins, handrails, bank terminals, door handles are subject to disinfection.