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Kyrgyzstan expects to receive $ 462 million from international donors

As of today, there is an agreement on provision of financial assistance from international donors in the amount of more than $ 462 million. The Republican Emergency Response Center of Kyrgyzstan reports.

Money has been received from the International Monetary Fund in the amount of $ 242 million.

They are aimed at replenishing the republican budget.

The Asian Development Bank provides $ 100 million. The amount provided is a loan and will also be used to support the budget.

In addition, ADB allocates other $ 20 million. Half of the amount is a grant, the other is a loan for an investment project on purchase of medical supplies and medicines necessary to combat COVID-19.

The World Bank allocates $ 21,150 million for two investment projects — Emergency Project on COVID-19 and Improving Resilience to Natural Disasters in Kyrgyzstan. Half of the sum is a loan, the other is a grant. Projects involve purchase of means and equipment for the healthcare sector.

The Islamic Development Bank will also provide assistance to the republic. The state will receive a loan of $ 15 million out of the savings from existing projects in Kyrgyzstan for purchase of medicines.

The European Union allocates €15,300 million for implementation of the educational program, €6 million -for digitalization events, €9,500 million — for the social protection sphere. The amount of cash receipts from the EU to Kyrgyzstan will reach $ 33,880 million in form of a grant.

The German Development Bank’s counterpart funds will allocate $ 30,352 million to support farmers for ensuring food security.