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At least 372 Kyrgyzstanis leave Moscow

A charter flight with 372 Kyrgyzstanis on board took off from Moscow airport for Bishkek today. The headquarters for countering the spread of coronavirus at the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia reports.

At least 319 pregnant women, as well as 53 women with minor children under two years old, were sent home.

All the pregnant women have the appropriate certificates and permission of doctors to depart by the flight. There are also 26 citizens who have purchased airline tickets to business class. Patients, as well as women who left for the funeral of their loved ones are among them. In addition, at the request of the Russian side, five citizens of the Russian Federation were included in the business class.

More than 1,500 compatriots including seriously ill, pregnant women, minors and the elderly are next in line for return to Kyrgyzstan.