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$ 1.4 million for second unit of Kambar-Ata HES-2 still not used

Members of the Committee on Budget and Finances considered draft additional documents to the agreement on provision of an investment loan from the funds of the Eurasian Stabilization and Development Fund for financing the project «Commissioning of the second hydraulic unit of Kambar-Ata Hydroelectric Station-2» between Kyrgyzstan and the Eurasian Development Bank. The speaker was Aitmamat Kadyrbaev, Deputy Head of the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use.

Deputy Akylbek Japarov asked about the financial conditions of the project. He asked how much money was spent by the Kyrgyz side for the entire implementation period, recalling that the agreement has been ratified back in January 2017.

The head of the National Energy Holding explained: $ 1.4 million was allocated, but the amount has not been used.

He did not answer why, referring to «some reasons.» «But after adoption of an additional agreement, the EDB will allocate other $ 1.3 million,» the official assured.

Akylbek Japarov noted that economic losses for 2018 and 2019 amounted to 300 MW. «If we transform them into money, we will get almost 700 million soms. The result of such work is direct damage to the country,» he stressed.

Answering the questions of deputy Tariel Zhorobekov, the government representative said that the total amount of the project is $ 110 million, the loan term is 20 years, five of which will be a grace period.

Deputy Ziyadin Zhamaldinov called for accelerating the work of the Cabinet in implementation of the project, as a result of which 150 MW annually will be commissioned.

A number of parliament members commented on the backlog. Marlen Mamataliev demanded to hold all officials accountable up to the head of Government for failure.

Following the discussion, the members of the relevant committee approved the draft additional agreement.