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Germany announces reduction in cooperation with Kyrgyzstan

Bilateral programs of technical and financial cooperation between Germany and Kyrgyzstan will be consistently completed over the next few years. The information was confirmed at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kyrgyzstan.

As a result of the long-term, global reform process of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany’s work in the field of cooperation for development in the world will become more focused in the future. This is done in order to better withstand the growing global challenges.

«The BMZ 2030 reform has been announced in Berlin by Gerd Müller, the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. The content, processes and structures of German cooperation for development will be updated, and the number of partner countries will be reduced,» the Embassy noted.

As for Kyrgyzstan, the process will include gradual completion of programs implemented by GIZ and KfW as part of the exit strategy. Further consultations will be held with the Government of Kyrgyzstan during 2020.

Previously agreed or ongoing projects will be completed.

«Current pandemic of coronavirus and its effects will be taken into account during planning. Exactly many years of Germany’s contribution to economic development and healthcare improvement play an important role in the current fight against coronavirus. Germany has recently provided additional funds for these purposes. The possibility of further crisis-related support is currently being considered,» the statement says.

It is noted that since 1993, thanks to cooperation, it has been possible to increase the standard of living and reduce poverty in Kyrgyzstan.

The decision to terminate cooperation for development is also based on the assessment that the Kyrgyz Republic is no longer among the neediest countries in the world.

Embassy of Germany in Kyrgyzstan

«The BMZ reform will not affect the programs of many other German federal ministries for cooperation with Kyrgyzstan. Relations in the fields of economy, education, environmental protection and culture are becoming increasingly important. For example, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany continues its Green Central Asia initiative. The federal ministries for environmental protection, economy, education and internal affairs will continue to work together with the Kyrgyz Republic on many important topics related to the arrangement of the future and the society,» the diplomatic mission said.

In addition, after completion of current bilateral programs, Germany will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of Kyrgyzstan through its participation in a multilateral format (EU, UN, development banks). Activities of numerous non-governmental organizations working in the field of cooperation for development, including political funds, will be further supported by BMZ funding.