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Snow leopard attacking livestock caught in Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan

A snow leopard was caught in Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan. Press service of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry (SAEPF) of the country reported.

The animal was found the day before by a local resident of Emgek Talaa village in Naryn region on Teskey-Torpo pass, when the snow leopard was eating a calf.

«A response team from among the staff of the Biodiversity Conservation Department and Specially Protected Natural Areas of the SAEPF immediately arrived at the scene. Together with veterinarians they checked the health status of the snow leopard on the same day. It turned out that this is an elderly male. He was weak, was limping and had poor sight,» the state agency said.

The SAEPF noted that the snow leopard cannot hunt on his own due to state of health and age. Presumably, it was the reason for the attack on livestock.

The agency employees brought the snow leopard to the rehabilitation center NABU-Kyrgyzstan in Ananyevo village, Issyk-Kul region.

«The snow leopard has almost recovered and feels much better, eats well and is under the constant supervision of veterinarians. A group of veterinarians from Bishkek will arrive at the village today to conduct additional full examination of the snow leopard,» the SAEPF said.

This is already the third snow leopard caught in Kyrgyzstan since the beginning of the year. On January 9, a wounded leopard was found on a tree in a forest in Talas region. It was transported to Bishkek and was operated on. The animal was named Zhaabars. He went blind.

The second snow leopard was found in Naryn region. The predator tried to attack the cattle, but the dogs scared it away. The animal hid in the barn. Examination showed that it was a female about 11-12 years old. She was named Ak-Moor and taken to the rehabilitation center in Ananyevo village.