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Scientists from Kyrgyzstan to study habitats of snow leopard in Altai Mountains

Scientists from Kyrgyzstan will study the habitats of the snow leopard in the Altai Mountains. The Sailyugem National Park reported.

As part of the international expedition, biologists from Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Russia will examine the habitats of the snow leopard in the Altai Mountains, check camera traps and install new ones, and also exchange experiences on the conservation of this rare species included in the list of endangered species.

The snow leopard is in the list of endangered species of the Kyrgyz Republic; it is also defined in the Red Book of the Russian Federation as an endangered species at the limit of its range.

According to experts, in 2022, traces of 13 snow leopards were discovered in the Altai Mountains.

The international expedition dedicated to the conservation of the snow leopard will take place in the Altai Republic from September 19 to September 27. Participants will go to one of the snow leopard habitats — the South Chu Ridge. In addition to research work, experts will collect material for molecular genetic analysis.