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Sadyr Japarov is asked to assign status of national animal to snow leopard

A number of organizations involved in environmental protection appealed to the President of Kyrgyzstan with a request to assign the status of a national animal to the snow leopard. The Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program reported.

The appeal emphasizes the importance of protecting the snow leopard and its habitat and expresses a joint readiness to cooperate on this issue.

«Based on the successful examples of other countries, including India, the United States and China, where national animals have become symbols of culture and nature, sources of pride and international recognition, this initiative becomes increasingly relevant,» the statement says.

Recognition of the snow leopard as the national animal of the republic helps to strengthen measures to preserve the biodiversity of the high-mountain ecosystem, develop eco-tourism and strengthen the image of Kyrgyzstan as a country dedicated to the protection of the environment and biological diversity.

The initiative also highlights the importance of the snow leopard to Kyrgyzstan’s ecosystems, emphasizing its key role in maintaining the balance and survival of other species.

Nature conservation representatives hope that the head of state will consider the appeal and make a decision in favor of the snow leopard.

The appeal is timed to coincide with International Snow Leopard Day, which is celebrated on October 23.