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Kyrgyzstan suspends Friday prayers in mosques

The Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan temporarily suspended Friday prayers in all mosques of the country. The muftiyat informed 24.kg news agency.

In connection with the threat of spread of coronavirus, the Supreme Mufti of the Kyrgyz Republic Maksat azhi Toktomushev addressed the Muslims. He urged the Kyrgyz to observe safety precautions and refuse visits to crowded places.

The head of the SDMK stressed that Islam allows adjustments to certain requirements of Sharia.

«Therefore, we suspend Friday prayers. Instead, you can read prayer at home. Mosques will not be closed, but there will be only imams who will call for prayer,» Maksat azhi Toktomushev said.

The SDMK informed that all dawahs were also suspended.

The muftiyat also calls on believers to abandon organizing and holding of mass events — feasts, celebrations, as well as funerals with invitation of a large number of people.