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School fees: Education Ministry develops tool for tracking money online

The Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyzstan has developed a program unit that will allow parents to track the movement of money from parent’s funds. Adviser to the Minister of Education Rasul Abazbek uulu announced at the platform’s presentation.

He noted that people in Kyrgyzstan have a negative attitude to school fees, calling them extortion.

«The Ministry of Education as a key agency should respond to criticism. The first reaction was the order of the minister, the essence of which was that teachers and directors should not interfere in the work of the funds. But the order, this, perhaps, is our fault, was not quite correctly brought to the public. Someone considered that the minister banned the existence of public funds, but he cannot do this because their activities are regulated by the law on non-profit organizations,» he said.

Rasul Abazbek uulu added that the ministry came to the conclusion that it was necessary to assist the funds in ensuring transparency of the money received.

There should be no disagreements, opinions that the ministry is trying to control these funds.

Rasul Abazbek uulu

«We must provide a tool with the help of which parents can control their money,» he said.

According to the adviser, the unit will be posted on the website «Electronic enrollment in schools», as well as on the websites of schools. It will display the income and expenditure of the parents.

«Of course, parents may have questions, comments and suggestions, we will take them into account and improve this tool,» he said.