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Share of women in politics should be increased, Kyrgyzstanis believe

At least 66 percent of Kyrgyzstanis are sure that there should be more women in politics. Results of a survey by the International Republican Institute (IRI) say.

At the same time, 52 percent of the respondents explained the answer by the fact that most of the women are more balanced and reasonable than men.

Other 41 percent believe that higher number of women in politics would help empower young women to be more politically and socially active. Equal gender representation in politics is very important for 35 percent of respondents.

About 35 percent said that women can more effectively solve problems related to women’s rights.

At least 30 percent are sure that the composition of the Government should be similar to the composition of the entire population.

The International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted a traditional survey among Kyrgyzstanis. It involved 1,483 people from all over the country. The survey was conducted from November 21 to December 3, 2019.