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Death toll from novel coronavirus exceeds 2,100 people

Number of people who died from the novel coronavirus has reached 2,126 people. Data of an online map developed by scientists say.

The number of infected with the virus has reached 75,725 people. Over the past day, the number of confirmed cases of the disease has increased by 526.

As of today, 16,330 people recovered.

The highest number of the infected is in Hubei province, where the spread of the virus began. There were registered 62,031 cases, 2,921 dead and 10,337 recovered.

The number of countries where coronavirus is registered is also increasing. As of today, 1,100 cases have been confirmed outside of China in 27 countries. Most of the patients are in Japan (84), Thailand (35), Singapore (84), Hong Kong (65), South Korea (82), Taiwan (24), Australia (15), Germany (16), USA (29) and Malaysia (22).

The World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency due to the spread of coronavirus.

  • The new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV was discovered in late December in the Chinese Wuhan city. The source of infection were animals that were sold on the local market.