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China is main economic threat to Kyrgyzstan, citizens believe

Kyrgyzstanis consider China as the main economic threat to the republic. Results of a survey say.

As of today, 54 percent of respondents consider the PRC as a threat. The United States take the second place (29 percent), and Tajikistan — the third place (25 percent).

At the same time, 88 percent of Kyrgyzstanis consider Russia as the most important economic partner, 47 percent — Kazakhstan, and 25 percent — the European Union and Turkey.

Currently, 98 percent of respondents rated relations with Russia as good, 80 percent — with Kazakhstan, 65 percent — with Turkey. But 55 percent of respondents consider relations with China as good, and 22 percent — as bad. As for the United States, 44 percent rated the relationship between the countries as good and 19 percent — as bad. As for Tajikistan, the difference in estimates is small. At least 45 percent consider the relations with the neighboring republic as positive, then 30 percent rated them as negative.

The International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted a traditional survey among Kyrgyzstanis. At least 1,483 people from all over the country participated in it. The survey was conducted from November 21 to December 3, 2019.