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Matraimovs’ co-father-in-law suspected of transfer of millions from Kyrgyzstan

Erkin Aidarov, an officer of the State Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan, is suspected of involvement in taking millions of soms out of Kyrgyzstan. An official investigation has been launched against him. Deputy head of the SCS Sultan Mamasadykov told journalists.

«An official investigation is being conducted against an employee, who is suspected of involvement in transfer of funds from the country. We will definitely provide information based on its results,» he said.

Erkin Aidarov is mentioned in a joint investigation by Kloop, Azattyk and OCCRP. Journalists suggest that he is one of the closest associates of the ex-deputy head of the SCS Raiymbek Matraimov.

«Erkinbek Aidarov, who worked at the railway customs of Osh region, was among the so-called couriers — those who transported large amounts of cash. According to the customs declaration, which was at the disposal of journalists, on March 25, 2016, he left the country with $ 715,000, the source of which was indicated as «salary» and «profit from entrepreneurial activity.» But the official website of the Ministry of Justice says that Euro-Tour company, which was once owned by Erkinbek Aidarov, was closed in 2010 and has not conducted any activity since then. At the time when Erkinbek Aidarov was transporting money to Turkey, he was a customs officer, and his official salary was not enough to save $ 715,000,» Azattyk writes.

Erkin Aidarov is the brother of Zafar Aidarov, who, in his turn, is a co-father-in-law of the head of Kara-Suu district Tilekbek Matraimov.

Zafar Aidarov is also on the scandalous photo, which was posted in October 2019 on social media, where the heads of departments and employees of the SCS are embracing Raiymbek Matraimov.